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to build.


At Lux Builders, we put a little piece of ourselves into every house that we build. Because we’re here to get you the home you want.


Our comprehensive guidance delivers

peace-of-mind and confidence in your

aspect of your project.

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Our multi-disciplinary team is here to listen, collaborate, and build. Whether you’re looking for a brand new home or want to redesign your current house, we’re dedicated to transforming your dreams into reality.

A new build is a custom, one-of-a-kind house that we’ll conceptualize, design, and build together. Every element is tailored to your wants and needs, with respect to the site and landscaping.

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Renovations are often the quickest option if you don't want to start from scratch and want to integrate existing elements into your new design. However, a new build allows you to build in efficiencies and curate every element to your aesthetic tastes.

Our team of experts have the empathy and expertise to handle every element of a remodel. Working with us on every aspect of construction ensures your upgraded home is ready on time and within budget.

Our Approach


Our extensive and wide-ranging experience means we have a 360° viewpoint of what makes a home exceptional—location, design, quality. Everything is thoughtful and built to last, ensuring that your home is an investment you won’t regret.


We’re a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on, a sounding board, and an oracle of helpful information. We’re in it with you and we put your peace-of-mind at the forefront of our process. You feel smarter for choosing and after working with us.


Doing our job well means you will always view your project as a positive experience and you feel good about how we got there. And you now live in a home that meets your needs and matches your taste like no other.

Our Approach
New Builds
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The Lux

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→ Portfolio planning

→ Architecture

→ Landscape design

→ Interior design

→ Building and construction

→ Project management

→ Customer service


If you’re interested in a bespoke home remodel or new build, we’re here to help. Not sure where to start? Fill out a quick form to schedule a 20-minute discussion with our team of experts.

Lux Builders has been bringing the dream of a custom, modern, home to reality for people throughout Denver for over a decade. Our multidisciplinary in-house team handles every aspect of building beautiful bespoke homes.


Dream big.

We specialize in the design and installation of a range of contemporary amenities.

Swimming pools, indoor/outdoor entertainment areas, private spas and gyms, even putting greens and climbing walls are all within reach.

We love what we do and want the home-building

process to be fun for you, too. Get in touch with us to discuss your dream home, learn more about our approach, and see details from our favorite projects.

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Austin Schmidt


Austin has been in the construction business most all his life and loves the complicated process of finishing and building custom homes. Austin is a graduate of the University of Georgia and has called Colorado home for many years. Others would say he is detail oriented, deeply cares, and follows through as some of his most important characteristics.

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Jason Harper

Operations Manager

Jason is an integral part of the team in the field. Originally from the east coast he also has called Colorado home most of his adult life. You may often find Jason at a project figuring out the true way to quote on quote “put things together”

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Shannon Weissleder

Design Coordinator

Shannon Weissleder is a Colorado native and has been turning houses into homes for over 20 years. From small, single room projects to large-scale renovations and new builds, her goal has always been to capture the essence of a client. Specializing in budget management, Shannon loves a challenge and can create the client’s dream home. Her experience in design and remodeling combined with her love of real estate helps clients to visualize and actualize the possibilities of their home.

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Candice Becker


Candice has over 30 years’ experience in the construction field and with her accounting background she brings to us as the business operations manager an integral and significant fit for our team.

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Brady Calton

Director of Construction

Brady is a Colorado Native and retired ski racer. Brady loves building beautiful homes for over 30 years and having happy clients makes it worth every penny to him.


  • How Long Does It Take To Design A Custom Home?
    There are several steps in designing a custom home, as you can see below. A lot of these items are happening in the background during a design so our clients can focus on the fun stuff, designing and choosing what goes in your home. We generally say that to get from concept to a finalized design that is ready to secure a building permit generally takes anywhere between 4 months for Architecture and Engineering to submit to the building department and 4-12 months to get through permitting review and permit approval. This is heavily dependent on the size and type of project.
  • How long does it take to build a custom home?
    The time to build a custom home depends on many factors such as site development, size of home, complexity of the build and a client’s ability to make timely decisions. Additionally, weather can affect how long it takes to build. A general time frame to build a custom home based on size are: 2,000-5,000 sq ft: 12-13months 5,000-8,000 sq ft: 13-18months 8,000-10,000+ sq ft: 18-22 months+
  • What is a design & build contractor?
    A design/build contractor is a turn-key home delivery company where a single entity delivers the design and construction of a home. Having a cohesive team of experts at every stage of the design and build of a new home helps the client design a project that is feasible to actually build from a logistics and budget perspective.
  • Can we use our own Architect?
    Yes. Even though we are a design & build company we will gladly build a home designed by another architect. We strongly urge you to consider using our design team though to help keep you within budget and to make sure everything is designed to local building codes.
  • How will we communicate throughout the process?
    Communication is established to the client’s preference. Some like to communicate by phone, by email, by text, or in-person.
  • Will you build on my lot?
    Yes. We build wherever our clients take us. We can build on your lot almost anywhere in Denver metro Area of Colorado. Call us to discuss the details of your lot. If you need assistance in locating a lot we can help!
  • What do I get to choose in the home?
    Everything! With a custom home you will have the opportunity to choose everything that goes inside your new home. Our interior designer will be by your side every step of the way to suggest ideas and to advise you if your selections are exceeding the budget or may not flow with other selections, but at the end of the day it is your home so you choose anything you want.
  • I want to design & build, where do I start?
    Call us or schedule a consultation! Call and talk with LUX Builders Manager, Austin Schmidt. We will discuss your project location, style, budget and timing. If you feel it could be a good fit we will schedule an in-person meeting to get into more detail. After the in-person meeting we will walk your lot with you or assist in locating one.
  • What is your square foot price to build a custom home?
    We are asked this question nearly every day. Because every LUX Builders design and build is unique unto itself it is nearly impossible to answer this. After spending sometime meeting with you we can narrow the number down; based on information you have shown or told us to determine your house size, potential development cost on your lot and conceptual finish level.
  • What makes LUX Builders unique?
    While there are many aspects of our business that always makes us the best choice, there are three things that make us stand out the most. Our unique bidding/estimation strategy is one of a kind and provides our clients with the maximum amount of transparency while providing them with unparalleled flexibility. We have spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on researching and implementing technology that makes the whole construction process more streamlined and easy to track. From communication technology to scheduling calendars, our clients will always know what is happening at their project no matter when or where they are. About 80% of the labor on our clients' projects is sub-contracted. This isobviously not unique, however, having been involved in the industry foralmost two decades we have built relationships with people who do whatthey say they will do. Additionally, we will only use sub-contractors whohave successfully completed multiple projects for us or have been referredto us directly! They are also all licensed and insured as necessary.

Contact Details

3671 S Huron St. Suite 303

Englewood, co 80110


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